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Horse Sponsorship Program


The mission of Liberty Reins is to, “restore freedom to be.” Restoration implies that something has been lost, and we are certainly living in a time where much has been lost. The birth of this program came from a desire to help families and individuals restore just a little bit of what they have lost during the Covid-19 global pandemic. While the need feels especially great right now, the truth is that there has always been something about being with horses that brings enrichment to our lives. We are confident that this program will outlive the pandemic and bring joy to families and individuals for years to come!

What Is It?

Liberty Reins is offering a special program to connect people with horses through horse sponsorship. There are many benefits that a person can get out of this program.

  • More horse time for existing customers

  • Maybe you have never been around horses and want to experience these gentle giants up close and personal

  • A change of pace from the rat race of work, school, and the general fast pace of daily life.

  • A way to enjoy an activity while maintaining the safety and mandate of social distance.


With the horse sponsorship program, you will get a horse to be with during YOUR time. While you will be sponsoring a specific horse you will be with him/her each time you come, you will also be free to walk around and say hi to any of the horses in the Liberty Reins herd that are not working at that time. We think you will be amazed at how fast your bond can grow with these amazing animals. 


There are many ways this can look, and really it is up to you what you do with your time. Your visit may include just spending time with your horse, or maybe you want to groom your horse and/or take him or her for a walk.


Who can do this program?

ANYONE! That’s right we welcome people of all ages and experience levels to come and enjoy what the horses can offer. This program is designed with families in mind and maybe a couple friends that want to do this together. The sponsorship is NOT just for an individual. We can work with small groups of friends, but need to be in compliance with COVID protocols so no more than two families mixed and we need to limit numbers of people visiting all at once. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


How often can I come?


The Sponsorship Program is designed so that you will have your own time with your horse once a week. As we roll out this program adjustments may need to be made, but we envision sponsors coming out once a week (could be more if you sign up for more) to spend time here at the barn with the horses. We are blocking out time to help prevent too much overlap and to avoid the area being too crowded. We have planned for the visits to average about an hour. This will likely mean that sometimes (perhaps when it's cold and wet) that time will be shorter, but on other days it may be longer. What we do not want is for people to be coming out for hours on end.  This structure is not intended to limit the visits, but to manage them so that we stay within the safety protocols of COVID and so we can manage the schedule of the horses. 


Can I ride “My” Horse?


This program is not set up as a riding program. Although we do offer riding instruction/lessons, this specific program is designed so that you can connect with a horse from the ground without the oversight of an instructor whose schedule is already booked full. The program is designed to give you time to just be with your horse and is a personal time for you or your group. So, for safety reasons no one can be on Liberty Reins' horses without an Instructor present.


This sounds Amazing, but what does it cost?


All it takes to sponsor a horse and start getting to know him or her is $30 per visit, or $120 a month (this means you may get five visits in a month). With this sponsorship we will provide you with the horse, any necessary equipment (grooming, halters, lead ropes etc.), and the space to interact with your horse. (indoor arena, outdoor arena, their stall or paddock, or the grazing paddock). 


If it is a sponsorship, then what are the fees being used for?


Horses are truly amazing animals and their ability to connect with you on an emotional level is incredible. That being said, they are also costly. The sponsorship fee goes to their day-to-day care which includes, but we promise is not limited to:

  • Feed – Can you imagine how much grain and hay an 800 lb animal eats? There are also other supplements horses need to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need.

  • Farrier-A farrier is a person that trims horse hooves and puts on horse shoes; this is done every six weeks.

  • Their clothes – Yup, horses have clothes just like we do like their fly masks and winter blankets.

  • Equipment- Halters and lead ropes wear out and need repaired or replaced, fly spray to keep the pests at bay, and grooming supplies. 

  • Boarding- This is the horses rent or mortgage for their house. 

  • Vet Care- Most of the time this is routine checkups and preventive care, but just like us sometimes horses get sick or hurt and need special care.

My first visit


The first session will be informative and provide you with any training you may need. It will also be an opportunity to meet all the horses and see if there's one that you connect with and would like to be "your" sponsorship horse. There are descriptions of the horses below so feel free to take a look and see who will be waiting to greet you. We have a dedicated person to guide you through becoming familiar with anything and everything you may need to know in order to be at the barn "on your own." The goal of the first visit is to make sure you feel comfortable moving forward to come on your scheduled days. If needed, we can schedule more of these visits where you would have someone to help guide you during your visit. 

  • A tour of the facility

  • Safety information

  • What is to be expected during visits

  • Where you can find the equipment that you will need

  • Answer any questions you may have



I'm in! So what now?

The first step to sponsorship is to send us an e-mail directly to, just be sure to include the following:

  • Subject: Sponshorship

  • Names and ages of those requesting to sponsor

  • Any horse experience that you may have (none is needed)

  • Your availability for visiting days/times; the more flexible the better

  • Your ideal scenario for sponsorship; we like to do what we can to make each experience unique to the person(s)

  • Any further questions you have about sponsorship 

That's it! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Don't see exactly what you want? Just ask!

At Liberty Reins we enjoy providing unique experiences as much as possible. It never hurts to ask if you don't see what exactly what you're looking for on this page. This is a new program for us and we have designed it with all of YOU in mind so we want to know what YOU want out of a program like this. Obviously we cannot accommodate every single request, but we sure try to do what we can when possible. E-mail is the best way to reach out:

Meet the Horses! 

The horses that are part of the Liberty Reins family come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of stories. By sponsoring a horse you get to become part of their story. We strive to create willing patnerships with the horses and to help others understand their perspective of the world around them. The truth is that there is just something about being with them that fills the soul and can be difficult to articulate. We are confident that you will find enrichment, joy, peace, release, laughter, fulfillment, and more through your time with these incredible animals. Our favorite quote is from Winston Churchill, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man." While he may not be perfectly PC, we couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

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