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Restoring Freedom to Be.

Liberty Reins owner, Allison, is a former 15-year school teacher and brings her experience from the classroom into the arena. She has a lifetime of horse experience to share with all of her students and is certified as an Equine Specialist with Eagala, the Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association. 

Our Story


Everyone has a story and Liberty Reins, LLC, began its story in September of 2016. Owner and Founder, Allison Watson was in her 15th year of  teaching when she began to realize that her true passion for her students was in their personal development and not in the subject she was teaching. In addition to helping others in personal growth and development, another life-long passion for Allison has been horses. Allison grew up on a dairy farm showing dairy cattle as a young girl and purchasing her first horse at the young age of eight. There was always something about the smell of a horse that broke through all the stink of every day life.

Why We are Unique


Liberty Reins, LLC, specializes in providing differentiated experiences to all its clients, whether that is taking lessons, EAP/EAL sessions, or summer camps. Allison has a Master's degree in education and differentiating the experience for clients is something that she takes pride in and strives to achieve with each person that crosses her path. If you don't see what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to ask as there is always a possibility that an experience tailored to your unique desires and needs can happen. 

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