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Leadership Seminars are a H.I.T.!

Leaders. We've all experienced them; some good, some not-so-good. So what makes a good leader and why does working with horses help us learn? Horses are herd animals, prey animals, and their brain operates like a three year old. As herd animals, there are leaders and there are followers. They establish their roles and live quite peacefully within those roles most of the time.


As prey animals, when new and sudden things happen they look to their herd leader for direction. Do we stay and keep eating? Do we run for our lives? When we interact with horses, we need to be strong leaders for them so that they feel safe and secure in their surroundings. Their brain does not have a pre-frontal cortex and so they are not able to reason like we can, making us the better choice for leadership if we can do it well.


In our seminars we cover a plethora of topic connected to leadership and that list just keeps growing as new groups come in and share their challenges. One of our favorite things is that these seminars are uniquely designed for each team/individual that comes through the barn doors. We bring a framework, but the real work is done by the clients themselves when they are here.

Fill out the form below for scheduling and pricing information. Cost varies with group size and seminar duration.

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Hands On

During the seminar all participants have the opportunity to work directly with the horses as we move through the topics of the day. Horse experience is not necessary, and anyone may elect to abstain from the hands on portions and merely obseve.

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There a many opportunities throughout our time together to work interactively with your team and/or others in the group. Any good leader knows that collaboration is essential and we cannot function as an island and be at our best.

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No matter how much you think you know about leadership, working the horses always shows you more. Just when we think we have it down, BOOM, we encounter an aspect of leadership we've never seen before and the horses guide us through. 

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